Students are required to practice their math facts nightly using the Reflex account assigned in class.  If students do not have access to internet, they may also use traditional flash cards to study.  If traditional flashcards are used, parents must sign agenda to account for student practicing their facts.

Students will also be sent home with an assignment directly tied to the class lesson that day.  Additional homework may be sent home if classwork is unfinished or students are reviewing for a test.

Helpful Password Reminders:

Pearson Realize Account
This website is helpful when homework is left at school.  You are able to print out the sheet to complete the problems.  It also offers helpful instructional videos if your student is still struggling with the concept during homework time.

        Username: bpsLASID
        Password: Burlington1

Motion Math
      Classroom Password: qpdqw

        Select their name from the list.

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