Students will be assigned a Weekly Writing assignment every week. This will be given out on Monday and due back in school on Friday. Each night, they will have outlined tasks they need to complete. Nightly homework may also be assigned at teacher's discretion.

Weekly Writing ExpectationsImage result for writing clipart

Your writing prompt will be one of the following:
  • Narrative
  • Persuasive
  • Informative
  • Procedural

Non Negotiables:
  1. All rough drafts must be completed in pencil and you must skip lines.  (Final Drafts can be typed, or neatly copied onto a clean lined piece of lined paper.  You must skip lines for the Final Draft)
  2. You will be turning in your rough draft stapled to your final draft, so please be sure to follow the nightly tasks as they are written below.  
  3. Your name must be written neatly on both your rough and final drafts when they are submitted.  Papers without names will not receive a grade.  Take pride in your work- put your name on it!
  4. Weekly Writing will only be accepted on Fridays.  I will not accept any writing earlier than this day.

For each prompt assigned, you will have the following nightly tasks.  These tasks will remain the same for every prompt.  

1) Write rough draft
1) Highlight all verbs in your rough draft.  2) Change 3 of them to more vivid verbs.
3)Circle any words you think may be misspelled.  4)Look these words up in a dictionary and fix as needed.
1) Find two places in your writing that you can add more detail or clear up an idea.  Please use a ^ when inserting a sentence within your paragraph.

1) Have someone proofread your writing and sign the bottom of your rough draft.

2) Check for punctuation.  

3) Type/write final draft.  

4) Staple both drafts with final on top.  
Weekly Writing is Due!

Name: ___________________________________ Date: ______________________________
Weekly Writing Prompt
Narrative Persuasive Informative Procedural (Circle type of writing)

Non Negotiables

Required Elements
Rough draft is completed in pencil and you skipped lines

Final copy is typed or written in pencil with lines skipped - stapled (top left corner) on top of rough draft

Name is clearly written on both your rough draft and final copy

It was passed in on time.

Highlighted all verbs and changed 3 verbs to vivid verbs

You added detail to your rough draft in at least 2 places. You used the caret to show me where the detail was added

You have a parent signature at the bottom of your rough draft.

You have proper punctuation marks.

You have proper capitalization.

Final copy is without spelling mistakes

Your writing answers all elements of the prompt

Your writing reflects Fifth Grade effort (sentence structure, word variety, length, grammar & spelling)

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