Friday, April 7, 2017

Bud, not Buddy Readers Theater Scenes

This week in ELA, we worked on creating readers theater scripts to important scenes in our core book, Bud, not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis.  This project allows students to put themselves into the story to better their understanding of plot events.  Groups were responsible for creating a script for their scene that accurately represented the events that happened in the book, and included appropriate stage directions for the actors.  They had only THREE days to create, practice, and present their scene to the class.  Check out the different scenes below!  

Scene: "The Restaurant"  
Bud has never been out to eat at a restaurant before! Herman E. Calloway is still refusing to warm up to Bud. 
Scene: "All the way to the R"
Bud is not off to a good start at the Amos' house.  Bud finds out that Todd isn't the good little boy his mother thinks he is.  
Scene: The Rock Collection
Herman E. Calloway and Bud have the same special rock collection.  This collection reveals the truth about Bud's family
Scene: "The Vampire"
On Bud's journey to Grand Rapids, he meets a man named Lefty Lewis, who at first he thinks is a vampire.  This scene takes place at the breakfast table where Bud meets Lefty's daughter and grand kids.  

Scene: "Goodbye Home"
When Bud finds out he is leaving the Home and being sent to the Amos'.  He isn't happy about having to live with his new older brother, Todd. 

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