Monday, August 15, 2016

Camp Bournedale Info

Camp Bournedale 2016

Wednesday, September  21 - Thursday, September 22


  • Health Forms must be completed and returned to your child's 5th grade teacher during the first week of school.  Please be aware that a physicians signature is needed on the back of the form if you would like your child to receive any type of medication while on the premises (this includes advil/ibuprofen). 
  • It is imperative that these forms are returned in order for your child to attend this trip.  Camp Bournedale staff do not allow students to attend without a health form.  Please don't hesitate to contact Ms. Lane with any questions/concerns.
  • Notices will be sent home first week of school containing important drop off and pick up information.

  Camp  Bournedale Packing List

The following list suggests what Burlington students should bring with them for their outdoor education experience at Camp Bournedale.  Each student should have plenty of comfortable clothes.  The weather forecast will probably determine the amount and type of clothing you pack.

Luggage should be confined to one piece.  It is recommended that all clothing be put inside a plastic trash bag and then into a backpack or travel bag.  Label all bags with child’s name and school.

NECESSARY CLOTHING                                                         OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT 

Comfortable pants and/ or shorts                                                    Compass
Sweatshirt                                                                                    Tennis racquet and balls
Sweatpants                                                                                   Baseball glove and ball
Extra socks                                                                                  Camera and film
Underwear                                                                                     Chapstick
Sleepwear (PJ’s)                                                                            Sun block
Towel                                                                                            Stuffed animal
Rain Gear                                                                                      Plastic bags to keep feet dry

NECESSARY FOOTWEAR                                                          DO NOT BRING THESE ITEMS

Sneakers for exploring (these might get wet)                                   Money, Canteens,  Candy or Gum
Additional change of footwear (preferably sneakers)                         Hatchets, Knives
                                                                                                   Food,  Skateboards, Rollerblades        

NECESSARY EQUIPMENT                                                                      

Sleeping bag (or sheets and a blanket)                                               
Sheet or blanket to cover mattress
Laundry Bag                                                                          
Soap and Shampoo                                                                            
Toothbrush                                                                                                 NO                          
Toothpaste                                                                                         CELL PHONES
Comb or brush                                                                                    ELECTRONICS (games, music, etc)

Bug spray

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