Friday, March 4, 2016

Equivalent Fractions using PicStitch!

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As we continue to persevere through our fractions unit, we have been talking a lot about equivalent fractions.  This can be a very abstract concept for many fifth graders to grasp.  They can create equivalent fractions with ease, dividing the numerator and denominator by the same number, but frequently have a difficult time visualizing what that actually means.  Using the popular app, PicStitch, we created collages of different equivalent fractions using fraction tiles.  This app offers many different layout options that allows you to combine more than one picture into a frame.  It really helped when comparing the different equivalent fractions each student created.  It was wonderful to see the level of thinking, along with the technology expertise many of these students have! Having used this app for years, I would have thought I would be somewhat familiar with all the features, but boy was I wrong. Within minutes, they were the ones teaching me how to use it!  What a great way to end our week :)

Mia working with the benchmark fraction 1/2

Helping each other out - LOVE it!

Nice work, Shivansh!

Math rock star! 

Ahmad chose a different layout to organize his fractions.  I admire his creativity! 

Great work, Joe!

Busy at work.....

Final product! Excellent work Cece!
All smiles about fractions in 209!

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