Tuesday, February 9, 2016

February Update!

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Hello all! We have had a very exciting last few weeks here in fifth grade.  Last Thursday we wrapped up our Ice Skating program with wonderful performances by all.  I was so proud of the effort and risk-taking I saw out on the ice! It was really great to see all kids step outside of their comfort zone and try something new.  Let me tell you, we have some talented skaters here in fifth grade!  All fifth grade classes have also concluded their D.A.R.E education for the year.

Coming Soon...
Fifth Grade has two educational field trips planned for the spring.  We will be attending the Commonwealth Museum in May and the Concord Museum in June.  Dates and payment information will be going home soon.   If you are interested in chaperoning for either of these, please make sure your CORI is up to date.  You can do this by calling Mrs. Gosselin in the main office.

What we've been working on...

In math we have finished up our unit on multiplying decimals and have moved onto our unit on dividing decimals.  Students have been working very hard and are eager to learn this new and challenging math.  As we progress through this unit, it is important students are staying on top of their multiplication facts.  These basic facts help us as we estimate, multiply and divide decimals.  Reflex is a great app for this, or traditional flashcards will do the trick.

In ELA we completed a few weeks of reading groups where we focused on Non-Fiction text features and summaries.  As part of our study on text features, all groups read a Non-Fiction article on the Respiratory System.  We practiced marking important points in text using our new VIP strategy.  Then we took our notes and turned them into running text to summarize how the Respiratory system worked.  Students then created flow charts to show the different stages of the system.  We talked about when creating a flow chart it is important to use descriptive language for each explanation.  These flow charts came out amazing and I was so happy with all the hard work from everyone! We have now moved on to a mini research project where students are researching a topic of their choice and presenting the information to the class in a 2-3 minute presentation.  We will use the same VIP strategy to gather information, and will turn our notes into running text that will be used as our note cards for our presentation.  Students will then create a diagram or a flow chart as a visual to support their presentation.
Check out our Work!

Vocabulary: We have been working on studying different prefixes, root words, and suffixes to help us understand more words as we read more challenging texts.  In the most recent vocabulary unit, we studied the prefix "re" meaning to go back, the base word "dic" meaning to speak or say, and the suffix "ation" which turns a verb into a noun.

In Social Studies we have begun our unit on Explorers! We are using our Social Studies Alive! textbook to help us find out different information about some of the men that traveled during the Age of Exploration.  We are focusing on finding their personal background, motive, sponsor, and impact of their voyage.  We also have been focusing on important vocabulary in our textbook.  We are recording all important content vocabulary in our Explorer Alphacharts.

Code Blue:
We have reviewed the Code Blue procedure with all students to make sure they are comfortable with what to do.  We will be having a Code Blue drill in the near future.

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