Tuesday, November 3, 2015

What's Happening in 209!

We have been busy, busy, BUSY the last few weeks here in fifth grade.  Here's a quick update about what we have been learning in all of our subjects.

In Math...
Students in math just finished up Topic 3 and are beginning their work on Topic 4 - Dividing by 1-digit divisors.  We have begun this topic by talking about using basic math facts to help us solve division problems.  Since these basic facts can help us estimate and solve problems, it is important that we are still continuing to increase out fact fluency.  Students are required to practice their math facts nightly using their Reflex accounts or traditional flashcards.  To increase our fact fluency and practice here in school, we have been using dismissal time to practice our facts as a class.  We have been using a great flash card app on our iPads to work together as a group to get the fastest time.  Take a look below.

In ELA...
Students are continuing to explore our grade 5 core book, Tuck Everlasting.  We have had two successful Literature Circles about the book so far, as well as frequent meetings with our Processing Partners.  Students have been practicing their Active Reading skills, where they take notes while they read and talk about them with a partner afterward.  I have been very impressed with the high level thinking going on in both of these activities.

Staying focused and on task in their Literature Circle

Taking our surveys! 

As an extension of our persuasive writing unit, Ms. Ardizzoni came in and helped us make Google Forms to collect data on our persuasive writing topics.  Students created surveys geared toward Pine Glen students in grades 3-5.  By creating a simple QR code, we were able to make all the surveys easily accessible on one bulletin board.  All students needed to take it was their iPad!  During Library class this week, all third, fourth, and fifth grade classes took the surveys and shared their opinion.  We will take some time this week to analyze the data and see if we can add these new statistics to our persuasive pieces!  A BIG thank you to both Mrs. Ardizzoni & Ms. Carney for making this amazing project come to life! :)

Up Next:

  • Veteran's Day Poetry

In Social Studies...
Room 209 has finished up their study on the Maya Civilization.  They have created book creators that include information about where the Maya's lived, what their life was like, and what they left behind.  The enthusiasm for this new topic was overwhelming! I loved to see the excitement in class everyday and the drive to learn as much as they could.  As an additional activity, students worked with Ms. Fallon, the art teacher, to create their name using Ancient Mayan glyphs.  Pictures of final projects will be coming soon! BIG THANKS TO MS. FALLON!

It was the day before Halloween - hence the hat!

Up Next!

  • Aztec & Inca Empire

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