Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Reliable resources on the internet? They DO exist! - Lesson by Mrs. Ardizzoni

Over the last two weeks, we have been working on quite a bit of writing.  We began with a sensory poem about Fall, and have moved on to Persuasive Writing.  To get our feet wet with this new unit, we started with a topic that every student had a strong opinion on, "Should schools have field trips?".  As a class, we separated into two groups, one that supported field trips and one that did not.  We practiced using strong word choice and evidence in our writing, along with providing a "call to action" for the reader.  

We have now moved on to a new persuasive writing project, where students will be able to select their own ideas they want to write about.  We talked about some different issues (should students have cell phones in school, should the school day be extended, should kids have a tv in their bedroom, etc.) and shared different opinions and reasons for having those opinions.  As we began to research our chosen topics, many students had the same question.  Is what I am reading true, or accurate? Mrs. Adrizzoni came in today to teach us how to find credible resources when using the internet for research.  

Things that were covered in her lesson:
         When looking at a webpage, ask yourself the 5 W's

      • Who? 
        • Does the article have an author? Is the author someone to trust?
      • What? 
        • Is the article you are reading support your opinion, or view, on the topic you are writing about?
      • When? 
        • When was the article written? Is it current or historical? Will this effect the information?
      • Where? 
        • Is the article published on a webpage that is reliable.  Webpages with .org or .gov are considered reliable webpages.  Is it published in a well known publication? (such as the New York Times, or an Educational Journal)
      • Why? 
        • What was the author's purpose for writing the article? Is it fact based or opinion based?

Students will continue to work on this assignment throughout the next week.  As I have gotten to know them all, I have found that they each are amazing writers with strong opinions, so I am anticipating some great work! 

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