Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Week on 3/23/15 Update

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Spring is in the air! Although sometimes it doesn't quite feel like it with these chilly days we have been having.  A friendly reminder that although we are hoping for warmer weather, it still is quite cold during recess, so children should still continue to bring jackets/winter attire to school so that they can enjoy recess comfortably :)

Fifth grade has two upcoming field trips that we are excited about.  We will be attending the Commonwealth Museum on April 1'st and the Concord Museum on June 3'rd.  The April 1'st deadline is coming up quick, so please send in permission slips/payment ASAP.  Permission slips and trip information went home the week before last! Please email me if you need an extra copy.

The Foot R.A.C.E:
Last week, we began a grade wide behavioral incentive plan, with the generous help of Mrs. Perry (our school psychologist) and Ms. Zanotti (our school guidance counselor).  This program is going to be used in all ELA classes in the afternoon.

We will be looking for these qualities to be shown by all students in the class.  If students are able to show these qualities while in ELA, they will earn a foot.  After they earn 5 feet (5 great days in ELA) they will have the opportunity to earn an incentive (extra recess seems to be quite popular among this crowd).  Who will be the first class to win the "Foot R.A.C.E"??

PARCC testing will be all five days this week.  New this year, we will only be taking one session per day, and the testing times span from 60 - 90 minutes.  We will be taking PARCC right after specials in the morning.  Please be mindful when packing your child's snack and be sure to pack healthy choices that will help fuel their brain! They're going to do great!

Academic Update:

Our ELA class has started our reading groups once again.  We have been focusing on Non-Fiction text features and text structure.  Students have also completed two pieces of procedural writing.  We will continue our reading groups into next week.

Our Math class is wrapping up Topic 8 today.  After weeks of hard work, we are ready for what's next....fractions!  Very happy with their hard work and effort they have shown over the last few weeks.  Please continue to reinforce the use of Reflex and Tenmarks math at home.  These are great resources to reinforce math facts and skills we have already learned.

Social Studies:
Room 209 has continued their unit on colonies.  We used our Social Studies Alive book to compare and contrast 6 out of the 13 original colonies.  We talked about the differences between the regions, and what pros and cons each region had to offer.  We are currently wrapping up our study on the colonies by completing a research project on the remaining 7 colonies.  Students were assigned a colony and had to research (using both the internet and text books) to find information about the colonies founder, government, industries, and geographic features.  I have seem some excellent research strategies among these students.  We have even had some discussions on trust worthy websites vs. non-trust worthy websites.  Keep up the great work!

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