Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Week of 1/20/15 Update!

Important Reminders:

Ice Skating will take place every Thursday until February 5th.  Students will leave Pine Glen around 9:30 and return around 11.  It is asked that if students have skates at home, to please bring them in (although rentals are offered at the rink).  It is necessary that your child come dressed in warm clothing.  As most of us have noticed, we have had some chilly weather these past few weeks! Many students just wear their winter jacket over whatever they are wearing.

Book Orders:  It is that time again! Book orders are due by 1/30/15.  I have included the online code if you choose to order that way.  If you would like to order by sending in a check, please check to make sure the check is made out to me (Amanda Lane).  This is easier when placing the order \through the teacher account so that our class can earn points for new books and materials.  Thank you :)

What's Happening in 209!

Social Studies:

Room 209 just wrapped up their unit on Explorers right before vacation.  We completed our Explorer study by completing a floor sized matrix in teams.  Students needed to work together to organize each explorer's; sponsor, date of exploration, motive for exploring, and impact on the world.  Students did a GREAT job with this activity.  I saw a lot of excellent team work and heard great on-topic conversation.

209 also previewed three colonies that we will be working more with in the upcoming units; Jamestown, Plymouth, and Roanoke.  Students worked together to create "act-it-outs" which essentially is a live interview with a colonist from one of the above colonies.  Through this activity, students talked about things such as the struggles the colonists faced and Native American push back.  I am currently working with Mrs. Ardizzoni (The computer teacher) to help me upload these to YouTube.  Below are some pictures I snapped while one group was filming!


We have finally began our first core book- Tuck Everlasting!  We have been working in literature circles to talk about what we read.  For every circle, each student needs to come prepared with their job (Creative Connector, Super Summarizer, Vivid Visualizer, Word Wizard, Passage Master, Discussion Director) and be prepared to discuss the book with their circle.  This is some students first time experiencing a literature circle and you would NEVER know it! Students are doing great working together, coming prepared, and staying on task within their circle.  I am very impressed with what I have seen thus far with this group.  Keep up the great work!

In Math: 
Today we are taking our Unit 6 topic test which will be on multiplying decimals.  Students worked last week on taking a practice test to help them pinpoint what it is they need to work on to prepare.  I know they are going to do fabulous! We will begin our next topic on Wednesday which will be on Dividing Decimals.  

Students of the Week:

In ELA, Sam Harsanyi was nominated for Student of the Week! Great work, Sam!

In Math, Jaime Almond was given the Student of the Week award! Nice job, Jaime!

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