Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Working Hard in Grade 5!

Fifth graders have been working hard these past few weeks! Last week, we hosted an in-house field trip from the Concord Museum which taught us more about Early Colonial civilizations and Native American civilizations.  Students were able to touch and explore artifacts from this time period.  Students also helped to create a replica of an English Colonist settlement in New England and a Native American settlement in New England.  I loved hearing the rich discussions that students were having when trying to decide where certain props would go.

In ELA- We are coming on a close of our second week in our Reading Groups.  Miss Merlino and Miss Lane have been working with students on practicing summarizing of Non-Fiction text.  We have also talked about locating information in a text when answering questions, and author's purpose for writing texts (PIE- Persuade, Inform, Entertain).  In Grammar, we have been working with Complete Subjects and Predicates, and Simple Subjects and Predicates.  In Vocabulary, we are coming up on our test on Unit 2 words.  Students have made flashcards as a study tool to bring to and from school to help them prepare.  I do ask that all cards on a ring do come back to school so that I can reuse the rings for the next unit.  :)

  • Important Date: Tuesday 10/14/14 Unit 2 Vocabulary Quiz
    • Students have prepared flashcards in class to be used as a study tool for this quiz

In Math- We are continuing our work with decimals this week.  We have been working with models and talking about how they are helpful when learning to add/subtract decimals.  Students have been able to successfully add/subtract decimals, as well as round decimals to the nearest whole number.  We discussed how this is an important strategy, because it can be used when talking about money.

  • Important Date: Thursday 10/16/14 Topic 2 Test (Adding and Subtracting Decimals)  

In Social Studies, room 208 is wrapping up their first unit on Geography.  We have been talking about absolute location vs. relative location, comparing maps and globes, and discussing some main physical features of the Earth's surface.  We have collaborated with our art teacher, Ms. Fallon, to create maps of our own continents.  Students are exploring the art of Cartography.  Creativity is encouraged on this project, as long as students include all mandatory features listed on their project outlines.

  • Important Date: Friday 10/10/14 Unit 1 Test for Social Studies.
    • Review Guides were given at the beginning of the week and are in their Social Studies Folder.

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