Sunday, October 19, 2014

Week of 10/14

In Social Studies: Room 209 has begun to look into how and why people came to North America.  We have been using our Social Studies Alive! textbook, along with a few multi-media resources, to learn about the first people who migrated to our continent.  We also looked into where these early people settled, and what adaptations they had to make in order to survive in these new environments.  

Students are working on an Explain Everything project where they were asked to:
1) Explain the climate of their chosen environment 
2) List adaptations that people who settled there would have in order to survive.  

We will be sharing these in class on Monday.  Here are a few pictures of students working hard on their projects!

In ELA- We are spent last week working on our Fictional Narrative project- Haunted Happenings.  Students have been doing a GREAT job developing interesting story lines and characters.  I can't wait to see the final results!!
Sam and Tommy working together to come up with vivid vocabulary to describe their spooky haunted house 
 Austin hard at work!
 A small group sharing their story maps and running ideas off each other
Quinn and Jayson making a great team!
In Math- Our class just completed Topic 2 on Friday and will be continuing on to Topic 3 starting Monday.  

Next up- Multiplying Whole Numbers!

We began our math fluency assessment this week.  Students will be charting their progress on our multiplication/division and subtraction/addition facts.   
  • Reminder: For math fact practice at home, students are advised to use our online math program, REFLEX.  Log in information is in their Blue Homework Folder.   

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