Friday, September 5, 2014

Successful First Week!

We had a great week here in room 209! I loved meeting all the smiling faces walking through the door on Tuesday, and seeing even bigger smiling faces leaving today, knowing it was the weekend! This week, we started switching for our ELA block.  In fifth grade, we switch for both ELA and Math.  Room 209 and room 208 will also be switching this year for Science/Social Studies.  All these changes mean LOTS of transitions, so we have been practicing staying organized with our belongings and getting into a routine.  So far, we are off to a great start!

Since we did not begin switching for Math block this week, we have had extended time for our Social Studies block.  

In Social Studies we talked about...
-Geography-What does it mean? What can it teach us?
- Latitude and Longitude and how to locate different coordinates on a map
-Differences and similarities between a map and a globe, and when they are both useful
-Review of common land forms/bodies of water (peninsula, bay, cape, sea, etc)
-Absolute Location vs. Relative Location
-Common map features and how they help us
-Different types of maps (Population, time zone, physical, political, etc)

 Students have been doing great! They are very engaged and I am hearing some great discussion throughout the class.  Next week, we will apply our learning to a "Create your own Continent" project that we will be completing with the help of our fabulous art teacher, Ms. Fallon.  

Here are some pictures of students working hard in 209!

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